A Review of Earthlite Avila II Massage Chair Package 0

Ever thought of having a relaxing massage whenever you are tired without paying a massage therapist? Well, this dream can become a reality if you purchase a massage chair. Massage chairs are a great way of relieving stress and tension from the body and mind.

There’s no doubt that, with the increasing pressure of work and just the strain of everyday living, we all really need something revitalizing and rejuvenating. If you’ve looked at owning one, then you need to buy an Earthlite Avila II Massage Chair Package. It is counted among the world’s most advanced and the amazing portable massage chairs, offering tons of special features.

From its portability to its adjustability, from its compact size to its optimal weight distribution, this massage chair has got all. So, if you’re interested in perhaps purchasing this chair, I am going to provide you with a full feature list along with its pros and cons further on in this article.


As mentioned above, there are many features that the Earthlite Avila II Massage Chair Package offers to its users, but here’s a shortlisted view of the features that are worth noting:

It is Fully Portable

The first feature that is worth noting and that is very important is that it is portable. Whether you want to watch a movie while having a full body massage or want to spend holidays with the family in a relaxed environment; this massage chair can be taken wherever you go.

It is Very Stable and Adjustable

The next amazing feature is that it is very stable and adjustable, so it can fit any person ranging from a child to someone weighing 350 lbs. The Earthlite Avila II Massage Chair Package contains three quick lever optimizable techniques, which makes it highly customizable. Besides this, the chair also contains stainless steel clutches and a reinforced chest clamp that provides it with ultimate strength and durability.

Luxuriously Upholstered

Apart from all its usual features, a massage chair should offer a sense of luxury and comfort. This chair has all that. It contains Soft Support removable cushioning pads, that are further wrapped in Naturasoft upholstery to provide the user with the ultimate in comfort and luxury.

Complete Package

Besides all of the above-mentioned features, the Earthlite massaging chair comes with a full package that contains all the items you need for a professional massage experience. The package includes a carry case with wheels, sternum pads and a valuables pouch.

The Pros & Cons

Before making your final call, here are some pros and cons that you need to consider regarding this massage chair:

The Pros

  • Earthlite Avila II Massage Chair Package is extremely comfortable
  • Customizable settings
  • It can fit almost every size of person up to 350 lbs.
  • It contains a rolling travel bag that offer great massage options

The Cons

  • Needs too many settings for each time, so it needs adjusting for each use
  • Height adjustments are not provided
  • The user may take time to learn how the features work


The Earthlite Avila II Massage Chair Package is a great option for the people who travel a lot and need a perfect massage along with that. But at the same time, it can be inconvenient, as you need to adjust it again and again, every time you travel. The chair is available in a range of stylish colors so you can choose according to your decor. This makes it both a comfortable and stylish option.

Overall, the chair is a good option for the people who travel a lot or who don’t need a daily massage. However, for those who need to use it on a more regular basis, they may find that the settings are not user-friendly.