A Review of the Stronglite Ergo Pro Portable Massage Chair 0

Imagine the feeling of having a free of charge massage while watching your favorite movie. Does that sound great to you? If yes, then you need to invest in a massage chair. It’s probably not something most people would even consider to be a necessity, but once you have one you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

How wonderful to be able to have a massage whenever you want one in the comfort and privacy of your own home, without having to pay a massage therapist.

If you still think you don’t need a massage chair, then you need to consider its many benefits that not only provide positive effects on your health, both physical and mental, but also increase the productivity of your work.

With that in mind, consider the Stronglite Ergo Pro Portable Massage Chair that has been specially designed to provide you with these very benefits.  It is equipped with some highly advanced features that you need to know before buying anything else.


The Stronglite Ergo Pro Portable Massage Chair has everything that you need to get relaxed. There are plenty of features included in this package; however, I am just going to provide you with the most important ones. Some key features of this massage chair include:

It Provides Great Comfort

Whether you are buying the chair for yourself or for your clients, the most important thing is the comfort. Nobody wants to get massaged while sitting on a hard and really uncomfortable massage chair.

Therefore, the most imperative thing in a massage chair is its comfort, and that has been totally achieved in this Stronglite Ergo Massage Chair. It has rounded cushion pads on its seats to provide you with the ultimate comfort that you need to relax on.

It is Durable

Another important feature that most of people look for in a product is durability. Everyone wants to purchase something that’s going to last when investing in something of this nature. That is exactly what Stronglite Ergo Pro Portable Massage Chair provides to its customers. It contains a durable semi- gloss silver aluminum frame that could even support a sumo wrestler for years.

Great Capacity

The next thing that is imperative in considering a massage chair is its capacity. A good chair needs to be able to accommodate a wide range of sizes of customer. This chair has a strong aluminum frame that can hold up to 1200 pounds’ static weight and 600 pounds working weight. So, this chair is a good option for a therapist who has a wide range of different sized clients.

One- Step Adjustments

The main setback of most portable massage chairs is the way the adjustments keep needing to be reset, The producers of this chair have considered that and they offer a single step adjustment on the platform, arm support and chest pad. That is a great feature that saves time. It allows for quick and accurate positioning within matter of seconds.

The Pros and Cons

According to customer ratings on this Stronglite Ergo Pro Portable Massage Chair, this product has both pros and cons. If you are considering buying this massage chair, then you definitely need to have a look at them:

The Pros

  • It is lightweight.
  • It is portable.
  • It saves lots of time with its one- step adjustment feature.
  • Available in a number of different colors with good quality upholstery.
  • It contains clever hidden pouch holds for storing small items.
  • Provides adjustable seat for height revision.

The Cons

  • It offers a limited warranty only.


With number of great features, the Stronglite Ergo Pro Portable Massage Chair only offers one single con, and that is its limited warranty. This needn’t be a problem though, as most people will upgrade and replace their chair after a few years anyway, to keep up with improvements in technology. So, this Stronglite Ergo Pro massage chair is probably a good option for all your massage purposes.

This chair offers many features that a person needs in order to relax, ranging from height adjustment to comfort, from luxurious upholstery to a competitive price. So, the Stronglite Ergo Pro Portable Massage Chair is recommended as a good option among the many different models out there.