Are Massage Chairs Good for You? 0

The main idea behind the creation of the massage chair was to give people something to help them relax, so that they do not need to make time and money to go out for a personal massage. This meant that people can now achieve relaxation, stress management, improved blood circulation and pain relief when sitting in the comfort of their own home.

As a result, there are now a number of people looking for the answer to the question: are massage chairs actually good for you?

Well, there’s a very simple answer to this question and that is, Yes! Read on and you’ll see why:

5 Good Reasons to Own a Massage Chair

Although massage chairs provide automatic massage therapy for the person, these chairs are probably as good, if not better, than a personal massage because of their improved pressure and performance. The chairs are programmed to provide you with various specialized massage techniques using a different range of programs. You get to decide if you want firm or light pressure. Here is an outline of some of the main benefits:

Stress Relief

Stress is a major problem that can affect not only the mental well-being of a person, but their physical state as well. If you are someone with plenty of duties on your plate, then you’re probably more stressed than you should be. The thing that you need to remember here is that stress is the mother of all major diseases like blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, diabetes etc.

So, if you are building up stress in your body, then you are more likely to become affected with these life-threatening conditions. Therefore, you need a therapy that can help you to release all the stress from your body. A massage chair is always a friend on call that can help you to reduce the symptoms of stress from your body.

Anxiety Management

Due to ever-increasing expenses and globalization in our society, almost everyone has become the victim of anxiety, and this has become almost unavoidable. So, in order to cope with normal daily anxiety levels, you need to find something that’s going to be readily accessible on a daily basis to help you relieve this.

Massage chairs are handy because they can help you to reduce the amount of stress and anxiety hormones from your body, and in turn provide relief. These chairs are functional as they soothe all the stiff parts of the body and in turn provide a relaxing effect.

They Reduce Muscle Tension and Pain

Aside from stress relief and anxiety management, most of the massage chairs currently on the market help the person to reduce muscle tension and pain from their body. One of the common problems that people today face is lower back pain that is due to improper posture and muscle pressures.

This problem is mostly felt by office workers or other people who have to sit for many hours a day at a desk or a computer, usually in the same position for several hours. So, these massage chairs can give you a constant source of massage therapy whenever you need it.

Using a massage chair will enable you to reduce your intake of painkillers and soothe the large muscle groups near the spine that ache mostly due to tension. In so doing, the posture will be adjusted and corrected, and the spinal column properly aligned. A chair that reclines helps align the back in a horizontal position, releasing compression on the nerves.

They Reduce Lactic Acid Deposition within Your Body

Good blood flow is not only important for bringing nutrients to the muscles to build them and keep them in proper working condition, but it is also important for carrying toxins and by-products of metabolism away to be excreted. By massaging the muscles in the body, blood flow will increase, and this in turn will facilitate lactic acid excretion from the body that is mostly built up during heavy workouts.

So, by using a massage chair, you can massage the muscles of your whole body, without the added costs of a physiotherapist or coach, preventing stiffness and pain later.

It Improves Blood Circulation

As a final benefit, massage chairs are very helpful for increasing and improving the blood circulation of the whole body, something that’s needed by everyone in order to promote healthy living and increased energy levels. Athletes know better than most people about the importance of good blood flow in the body.

The fact that improved blood circulation boosts energy levels in the body can boost your productivity at school or at the office. Massage also helps trigger the release of endorphins- those “feel good” hormones.”

To conclude then, a massage chair is a worthwhile investment that can only have a positive influence on your physical and mental well-being.