Are Massage Chairs Good for Your Back? 0

Massage chairs resulted from concerns for people who are unable to engage in spa sessions as a result of tight schedules or other limitations. The direct import of this is that you are placed to get the same results that a spa will offer you by making use of a massage chair.

Concerns are not misplaced when people ask questions like, “Are massage chairs good for your back?” The reason for this position is that until questions are asked, many people are not able to get a rationale for anything that they are yet to try out.

Simply put, massage chairs are merely an automation of the normal massage therapy with innovations that might prove more efficient than the traditional massage. Commonly used massage techniques have been programmed into massage chairs so that irrespective of the routine you desire, you can enjoy them effortlessly and at the touch of a button.

Here are major reasons why massage chairs are good for your back:

Massage Boost Circulation

A session of a full-body massage results in the proper flow of blood from the nodal source of your skull all through to the soles of your feet. This also affects the circulatory flow through your back so that there is adequate blood and oxygen supply for the skin, nerves, tissues and cells that line that part of your body.

The use of an air pressure mechanism along with the vibratory effects helps to align the muscles in your lower back.

Stress Relief

Stress affects the proper functioning of your body system and with more things to do every day, there’s a good chance you’re exposed to fatigue and strain.

Other social and economic factors also add to stress levels you might experience on a daily basis. Spikes in cost of living is a common culprit but the resultant stress needs to be expelled with massage routines so there that there will not be a build up that will limit your productivity.

Spine Alignment

The pressure on your spine can be reduced when a massage chair that reclines is in use. The presence of nerves around your vertebrae up to your fingers and toes promotes the delivery of impulses. This means that the any tension along your spine can limit the movement of nerve impulses which goes through the spinal cavities to the nerve endings in your body.

Pain Management

Lower back pain is a common feature of life in our modern day and this is seen as fibromyalgia or other chronic conditions. There are some conditions that cannot necessarily be cured but can be managed. To be at the top of this, massage chairs prove to be effective and your pain will no longer get the better of you as you plan your routines around this therapy.


Stiffness easily results if you delve into physical exercise and the act of repetitive motion leads to this condition in most cases.

Whether you are at work, home or any place that requires long spells in a particular position, you are likely to have to confront stiffness.

The introduction of airbags which reflate and deflate as massage chairs recline, makes it possible for pressure points along your back and other areas of your body to enjoy relief from stiffness.


Relaxation helps you get back in the mood for proper decision making after a hard day’s job. The soft blare of music from massage chairs with their built-in MP3 players can soothe your soul as you experience the relief of massage which flows through your entire body.

Massage chairs in this regard provide a dual purpose that caters to your soul and body at the same time. This lends credence to their utility as modern day gadgets that can help spice up your life in many conceivable ways.

Posture Correction

Your posture can be corrected in a variety of ways but massage chairs provide an ongoing edge that you can leverage by using them regularly.

The advantage of sitting in posture correcting massage chairs is that you are able to remedy any back pain as it arises instead of allowing a build up that can attain worrisome proportions over a long period of inaction.

A massage chair session after a hard day’s work will help you overcome back pains so that you can maintain an upright posture as you age.