Can I Use a Massage Chair while Pregnant? 0

The use of electric motors, gears and vibrators is what makes it possible for the massage chair to be effective when used on body parts. As it is able to localize its effect when the settings are so directed, its chance of efficiency is highly enhanced.

When pregnant, some women have no answer a change in posture as the unborn child exerts weight on their body and efficiency. A massage chair reduces breathing problems that could result. By helping to keep a woman in better positioning, deep breath is enhanced.

Positive Effects During pregnancy

A pregnant woman experiences a myriad of discomforts including neck and back pains, poor circulation muscle spasms and swelling.

Some of the identifiable conditions can be readily remedied if a massage chair is available for use since the body parts that need focus can be reached effortlessly by a massager.  If a woman undergoes back massage during pregnancy, she will be in a position to have better rest when she has given birth.

Newer massage chairs have multiple functions and bots so that it is possible to direct their effects to specific body parts when the need arises. On the other hand, to avoid whole body effects, hand held massagers are also readily available so that where it is desired to relieve upper body stress, this device can be used in place of a massage chair.

Possible Dangers During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman is susceptible to triggers from mechanical and electrical devices. This can be attributed to the fact that her blood vessels and physiology have been considerably altered by the presence of a fetus in her womb.

Labor Contractions

The need for physician consultation before a massage chair can be used by a pregnant woman is necessary because of its effect on the body. It effectively contracts and relaxes body parts which make it a possible trigger for labor contractions in an expectant woman.

Heating Effects

Some massage chairs have heating capabilities and this means that using a model with this functionality will possibly lead to an increase in the body temperature of a pregnant woman. This highlights the need to consult your physician before undergoing any therapy.

Avoiding premature births is a reason to consult a health professional before using a massage chair when pregnant. Increased body temperature can make the unborn child develop an irregular heart rate and dysfunctions.

In simple terms, you can induce labor when using a massage chair, so pregnant women need to be cautious in this regard.

Using a Massage Chair for Desired Results

A massage chair can be deliberately used to trigger pressures along your back including the lower and upper regions. In a woman who is pregnant, this means it can be used to induce labor. A massage chair can be employed to shorten labor duration so that the possibility of postnatal depression is reduced effectively.

Induction of labor leads to rapid movement within your cell and fluid network. Using a massage chair will enhance these movements around the vital parts of a woman’s body during pregnancy. This leads to reduction in labor pains and gets the body in shape for the delivery process.

The presence of toxins in your body stream is such that nature has made room for expulsion through sweating and other endocrine routines. Using a massage chair expedites the rate of fluids and blood circulation which rinses contaminants off the body stream. As the endorphins are secreted, pain relief is boosted for a pregnant woman.


There are massage chairs that are suitable for expectant mothers and it is recommended that you avoid them when your pregnancy is in its first trimester.

At this period, the baby is still developing and the mother’s body is adjusting to the transformations that come along. Using the massager at this time could lead to miscarriage.

Other tips

  • As to timing, you should not spend more than 20 minutes in a massage chair
  • Follow your physician’s advice
  • Make sure you are using the right chair size
  • Avoid the massage chair during high risk pregnancy, preeclampsia and chronic headaches
  • If you are using a massage parlor, be mindful of the hygiene and sanitary conditions