How Often Should You Use a Massage Chair? 0

There are a number of reasons while you should be interested in knowing how often anyone should use a massage chair. If you have sustained a persistent injury, suffer from chronic muscle pain or have soreness of the tendons, it is likely you already use a massage chair regularly.

When you are sore from any of the conditions mentioned, seeking massage relief is a commonplace way to provide a leeway from the barrage of anxiety and stress that might be confronting you.

Whether you currently use a massage chair, or if you’re interested in finding out more information, here is an outline to provide further insight that will enlighten you:

Massage can become Habitual

Massage chairs provides therapeutic value that many people become used to and want to experience repeatedly. The reasons for the near-addiction are the energy levels, clarity of mind and overall contentment that results in repeated use.

The flipside is that a number of people see massage as a luxury that is only needed when you desire to indulge yourself. Some are only exposed to this therapy when they go on vacation or receive a voucher that entitles them to free sessions.

Regular massage provides awesome benefits including a boost in energy level. I bet you want to know more!

How often should you use a massage chair?

If you own a massage chair then the question of setting up a schedule or paying for a session does not arise. The edge that a massage chair gives you is that you can use it when you want or as the need arises. You do not need to leave your office or home if you have one onsite and no therapist is needed to help you if you already know what to do.

Guidelines are however necessary if you want to get the optimal benefits of having this device in your possession. Manufacturers and experts have the best ideas on how best to use a massage chair and here is what to do:

Chronic Back Pains

The stiffness, aches and associated misery that chronic back pains present will make you desire to have the best use of a massage chair. Many people think you should remain in a massage chair all day; this is not advisable as the benefits do not extend with long stays. The best approach is to use it in short spells regularly.

Safety concerns form part of the rationale for advising against staying long in a massage chair. The recommended time frame is 15 minutes at any time and since most of the new versions of massage chairs have auto-timers, it is easy to adhere to this recommendation. Manual timers can be used as well where the auto version is unavailable.

It is understandably tempting to go for long spells on a massage chair if your pain is chronic and recurrent. However, it has been proven that your muscles can be bruised if you stay too long in massage chairs and your body tissues might end up becoming frayed and damaged. As they say, even good things need to be taken in moderation.

The availability of pre-programmed massages on some massage chairs makes it easy to stop the session when the recommended setting has elapsed. Having an alarm on also helps to keep people alert as many fall asleep as a result of the deep relaxing edge it provides. Knowing that regular sessions are preferable to long spells should make you consider a timer or an alarm.

Useful Hints

  • When you complete a 15 minute session, feel free to move around and drink some water.
  • Water acts to expel toxins and with good supply, it will expedite the process of waste removal.
  • You can also do some mild physical activity such as a short walk or going down the stairway instead of using an elevator.
  • The toxins that get released during your massage sessions are easily removed with this approach of physical movement.

To have relief for shoulder, neck or lower back pain, using the massage chair for up to three times a week is recommended. For relaxation, two to three sessions per week is ideal so that your effectiveness don’t get constrained by your stress levels.