Massage Chair vs Real Massage 0

If you have never had a massage before, it might be difficult for you to figure out the pros and cons involved in evaluating a massage chair vs real massage.

Features of Massage Chairs

Most massage chairs have common features but sometimes also distinct functions depending on the brand and model. They all basically provide to some extent the relief that is expected from a real massage.

The range of standard options that you can access with massage chairs include:

  • Intensity controls so that you can determine how strong you want the session to be on your body or specific body part
  • Location controls  so that you can specify where you desire to pinpoint the massage  and this can be lower back, legs or shoulders
  • Heat controls so that you can determine if you want heat to be applied and at what level it should be

Massage Therapist Techniques

There are several massage techniques but the commonly used option in the developed world is the Swedish. The others include:


It is used to ameliorate tissue adhesions around your body and is also called cross-fiber friction.


This is also called “warming up” and is in use when lotion or oil is applied on your body and essentially is a gesture which your nervous system understands. It warms up your muscles so that they can relax while the massage process is about to begin.


This is commonly used when there is discernible tension in any spot around your body. It is deployed for stubborn knots in your muscles to produce the desired relief.


The tapotement is a karate chop style that involves repeated striking at a spot or body part.


It is best likened to kneading and is used to relive stress and to relieve spots of deep tension

Pros and Cons

  • In assessing human touch, real massage provides peculiar signals recognizable to your endocrine system and central nervous system. This is what helps to relieve tension and to boost the production of stress-eliminating hormones. This feature is not available with massage chairs.
  • There is no doubt that massage chairs are excellent when you desire vibration and this is not possible with real massage although repeated tapping of a particular spot is akin to it. When there is a stubborn trigger spot that is producing tension, therapists often use vibration as a suitable remedy.
  • On the flip side, electronic massage chairs are designed to revolve around vibration technique although a real massage session will not be devoted to just vibration alone.
  • The range of high-end massage chairs provides other massage routines utilizing airbags for compression of specific body parts. Rollers also play a major role in optional routines for particular results as they can move vertically or horizontally.
  • That said, massage chairs cannot be customized to work like a massage therapist who is able to assess a client and make informed decisions. Their training serves as an edge here.
  • The programming of massage chairs means that there is no case by case assessment for every client. Massage therapists ensure this by interacting with their clients before, during and after a session.

Convenience Factor

There is an issue of convenience when examining how suitable either of the massage forms can be in your circumstance.

You can enjoy your massage session alone with a therapist but if you own a hi-tech massage chair, your family can use it with you and have their data stored on it. Some massagers are able to store up to five profiles while others are limited to one or two entries.

The Cost Factor

In looking at the cost factor, buying a massage chair can be deemed expensive because of the one-time outlay. On the contrary, you could see it as cheaper if you were to add the cost of your real massage over a 12 months period.

If each session cost $60 then in 67 sessions, you could have acquired a gadget that costs $4,000 since this is the base price of hi-tech versions.

The availability of financing options means that you can spread payment so that it won’t be too costly to make a one-time payment.