The New Fujita SMK92 Innovative 4D Advanced Realistic Massage Chair (Black) Review 0

The New Fujita SMK92 Innovative 4D Advanced Realistic Massage chair was designed to leverage 4D features that are sure to provide a huge relief through healthy posture enhancement. Your blood circulation is primed and stimulated with seamless stress relief by easing your joints and muscles through the massage sessions.

It comes with 35 techniques to massage you manually alongside nine massage modes that are pre-installed. You will experience the combined effects of acupressure, natural healing and physical therapy with the New Fujita SMK92 Innovative 4D Advanced Realistic Massage Chair.


  • Offers advanced 4D features
  • World’s number one 4D massage chair
  • Body sensing functions in real-time
  • Contains 9 pre-installed auto-massage routines
  • Includes 35 techniques for manual massage
  • Utilizes 6 manual massage types that involves Rub and Roller, Tap, Shiatsu as well as Knead, Knead & Tap
  • Weighs 209 pounds
  • 31 x 41 x 52 in LWH


  • Neck and shoulder massage is made possible
  • Suits various human sizes
  • Targets the desired part of your body
  • Makes it easy to follow installed routines
  • The leg compartment readjusts to suit your leg size
  • The in-built air massage provides 3 elevated intensity levels
  • Gives a feel of hand massage
  • Highlights the occupoints of interest in your body
  • Utilizes rollers of 9 centimeters length that executes deep tissue massage
  • Rollers and Air compartments get readjusted when you sit in to personalize your massage experience
  • This chair keeps two profiles in its memory so that you and your partner can use it


  • Parades an array of features that are hi-tech and you will get used after using it for a while


The New Fujita SMK92 Innovative 4D Advanced Realistic Massage chair is effective at whole body scans and you can be assured of a hand-like massage experience when seated in this massage chair.

The advanced body sensing features make it possible to experience whole body mapping as you settle into the chair. You are sure to experience three elevated heights of massage intensity with the air massage compartment that will leave you relieved, relaxed and reinvigorated.


The Fujita SMK92 is more or less in a class by itself but other products often sought after when looking for comparisons include the 2016 BHealth Premium Massage Chair w/body scan and the  Luraco Technologies iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair (Chocolate Brown). These three chairs have redefined features that certainly will give the user his money’s worth at any time.

The Luraco Technologies iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair (Chocolate Brown) is a hi-tech massage chair that has UL and FDA certification. It has a memory capacity for five users alongside its innovative handheld remote control that is operated by smart touch. It is a five multi-level intensity massage chair so that you can go as intense or as soft as you want with usage open to other members of your family.

Weighed at 265 pounds, it is 81 inches in length after assembling and comes with genuine leather covering for all its touch points and surfaces.

The 2016 BHealth Premium Massage Chair with body scan offers the Shiatsu massage option and is fitted with optimized massage hands that give you the human feel.

Apart from the back stretch, this massage chair offers five other massage functions that includes vibration while the armrest recline with the chair so that the armrests massager is always close by to help you relax. The manual slides are hardly necessary as you also get the benefit of the heat massager when needed.


The Fujita SMK92 Innovative 4D Massage Chair is the top of the pack among this trio of massage chairs. While the Luraco is heavily priced, the SMK92 comes with hi-tech functions at a reduced price.

Having advanced 4D features that the optional products do not presently boast of, it is better to jettison the option of the lower priced 2016 BHealth Premium as it is limited in hi-tech functionality. That the functions of the low and high priced options to the SMK92 are replicated in it makes it a good choice and any massage buff will appreciate such an innovative machine with a hugely satisfying outcome.

The SMK92 is recommended for all of these distinguishing features that are well-reviewed.