The Titan Tp-Pro 8400 Full Body Massage Chair, L-track Massage, Zero Gravity Position, Ankle Knobs Massage Chair Review 0

The Titan Tp-Pro 8400 is a massager with zero-gravity optimized functionality and is configured to give the user the feel and full benefits of the L-track massage as well as a two-pad lower bag relief heating feature. As a massage gadget user, you will be able to regulate the pace and intensity of the air massage functions.

The massage speed control makes it possible to adjust the massager to suit your pace and this can oscillate between three levels of intensity as you enjoy the physiology boost functions.

Legs and calves gets full coverage as there are rollers that attend to the lower parts of the body such that the spinning function makes it possible to enjoy some expected reinvigoration of your muscles.


  • Comes with zero-gravity positioning
  • L-Track Massage methodology
  • Outer shoulder massage
  • Weighs 350 pounds
  • Auto-recline fitted
  • Foot roller massage that targets acupuncture nodes
  • Lower back sphere heat massage
  • Operates on three levels of variable intensity
  • Air intensity adjustment made possible
  • Massage speed controls at three levels
  • Leg massage made possible by air massage functions
  • Multiple airbags by the forearm to enable hand and arm relief
  • Foot and calf massage is made possible by the presence of spinning rollers


  • Comes with pinpoint kneading massage to relieve your soles and calf
  • Presence of multiple airbags to ensure full relief for your hand and forearm
  • Spring action track that extends and puts pressure on your feet irrespective of positioning
  • User–regulated speed control to suit your pace
  • Vigorous massage made possible by extensible roller heads
  • Air bag intensity can be regulated between mild and strong
  • Back massage is enhanced by two pads for heating efficiency
  • Deeper feet massage by spinning rollers


  • Multiple functionality that will require getting used to


The Titan Tp-Pro 8400 is an ultra massage gadget that produces acupuncture effects alongside air massage efficiency and vigorous body kneading for huge physiological relief. The ease of regulation of the massage intensity makes it a user-friendly massager and since it can be applied to your entire body frame, your experience is maximized.

Fitted with zero gravity configuration as well as outer shoulder massage ease, you will be reinvigorated after each session.


The Titan Tp-Pro 8400 gets a mention along two other brands of massage chairs that many customers have also considered.

The Fujiiryoki FJ-4800BLACK Model FJ-4800 Dr. Fuji Cyber-Relax Massage Chair, Black and the Best Performance L-Track Shiatsu Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7800 are optimized massage chairs that cannot be easily overlooked in comparison with the Titan Tp-Pro 8400. They have such hi-tech features and zero gravity boost that makes them worthwhile to consider.

The Best Performance L-Track Shiatsu Kahuna Massage Chair LM-7800 is one high-end massager with the L-track feature. It supports automated movements in full functionality as well as zero gravity floating with leg rests.

This massager comes with in-built speakers as well as a zipper for the foot rest and auto timing reads for up to 30 minutes. It comes with a foot roller mechanism, castor foot movement enhancer, calves easing rollers with lumber heating relief and five years home warranty service for peace of mind.

The Fujiiryoki FJ-4800BLACK Model FJ-4800 Dr. Fuji Cyber-Relax Massage Chair, Black is a high intensity massager and comes as one of the most-priced options out there. It has features that you will find interesting such as arm rests and well padded feet placers such that you can have full body coverage. As a hi-tech massager, there are multi-level intensity adjusters you will find engaging.


The Titan Tp-Pro 8400 no doubt comes out as the top pick among the three massage gadgets on the list and this can be ascribed to its utility functions such as zero gravity configuration, L-track suitability as well as the outer shoulder massage which the two optional brands also offer.

However, coming at a price that is far less than the two alternatives, there is better motivation to have it in your fitness, health and wellness collection. You are assured of a full body therapy with the Titan and this is worthy of consideration when you go shopping.